Where get firmware for l96 without Russia and Iran ban?

We have bought many L96-M33.
Firmware is $PMTK705,MT3333_AXN5.1.9_MODULE_STD_F0,0008,Quectel-L96,1.07A

As I see the modules in ban.
$PQTXT,1,01,01,03,The module is not in service area.*28

Could you help me to take ban off? We bought 125 modules for agricaltural. We didn’t know about this embargo.
What is the latest firmware version could be usage in Russia?

Please, close the topic. We refund money from seller.

Hi Ildar_Belkin,

I feel sorry about ban.

Best regards.

Hello Raphael-Q.
No problem.
I think it would be fair to not use Russian’s GLONASS in all Quectel’s products if Quectel banned Russia to be shipped technologies and services on the area.
It looks very strange to prohibit providing GNSS services to Russia area based on Russian services. :slight_smile:
Also I think Quectel should inform about their descision widly in press or on the official site.