Where can I get the latest software of quectel cm?

Dear @XabierMarquiegui
I hav sent the update tool and instructions to you via Message, please check.
Which Linux driver did yo want? USB or others?

Dear @jorgenavarro
I have sent quectel-CM to you via Message, please check.
For the latest driver, which did you want?USB, QMI or others.

Dear @Dawid_Zielonka
For the support, you can contact your provider and ask for support.
Which driver did you want?USB or others?

I would need the driver for USB, and also the latest available firmware. Thank you!

Dear @XabierMarquiegui
Please share your current firmware?

@silvia , thank you for your time. I hope this information is useful:

  Hardware |            manufacturer: Quectel                                                                                          
           |                   model: RM500QGL_VH                                                                                      
           |       firmware revision: RM500QGLABR11A02M4G                                                                              
           |          carrier config: ROW_Commercial                                                                                   
           | carrier config revision: 0A010809                                                                                         
           |            h/w revision: 20000                                                                                            
           |               supported: gsm-umts, lte, 5gnr, tds
           |                 current: gsm-umts, lte, 5gnr, tds    

Dear @XabierMarquiegui
RM500QGL is installed in other device from other manufacture, right?

Dear @silvia
Can you send me the lastest quectel-cm for linux?

I’ve a EG25-G modem and not work fine with qmicli default linux tools

@silvia , our RM500QGL is connected to our own linux machines via USB on RMU500EK evaluation kits.

Dear @crosmax @XabierMarquiegui
Please contact your provider firstly, they have the latest tools and firmware, thanks in advance.

@silvia , I don´t understand… my provider propmted me to contact you to get the latest version. After all, the provider is not a developer.

Dear @XabierMarquiegui
The providers have access to get the information, so you can contact with them firstly.

Dear @silvia
Can you also send me the latest quectel-cm for linux?

I have the EG25-G modem.

Where can I get the latest quectel-cm software for Linux? Can someone send to me? Thanks.

Dear @ZSM @domchin
Please contact with your provider firstly next time, they have access to get the latest version.
Thanks for your understanding.

Hi @silvia . May you please share the usb c drivers, source codes and the installation manual for the RM500Q GL

Hi Silvia,
Can you send me qectel-CM V1.6.5

Where I can get source of RM520N-GL and testing application?

Hello, Silvia.
Could you send me the latest quectel-CM?