Where can I get Latest Firmware for RG200U-CN?

We have two devices with different firmware in it,

On device has RG200UCNV3GAR03A01M2G and another one has RG200UCNV2GAR03A01M2G.

Airtel 5G network is working fine in older firmware, but not working in the newer one.

Also AT+QNWPREFCFG="mode_pref",NR5G-NSA command is not working in the latest one but working fine in the older firmware.

Can anyone clarify this and give us support.

Dear @karuppusamy
RG200UCNV3GAR03A01M2G and RG200UCNV2GAR03A01M2G.are used for different module.
Please confirm your two devices has the same OC.

And At command is not working, how did you judge it? Response error or others?

I have tried running AT+QNWPREFCFG="mode_pref",NR5G-NSA command in RG200UCNV3GAR03A01M2G to force enable nsa for airtel network. But, this command returns CME ERROR: 4. The same command was working as expected on the another module.

Dear @karuppusamy
As checked internally, for RG200UCNV3GA, it doesn’t support NSA, so it will return error.

CME ERROR: 4=> This means operation not supported.