Where can I download the schemtic symbol and footprint for the AG35-E?

We have the development board for the AG35-E and are now making our design based on the AG35-E. However, we are using KiCad for our Schemtic and PCB design, so we cannot find any symbols, footprints nor model files for this module.

  1. Where can we download the correct symbol, footprint and 3D models for this module?

  2. How can we convert these from another tool, like Altium Designer, into KiCad formats?

Thanks in advance,

Dear Sir,
rgegular files you can download it on our website, the address is as follows: https://www.quectel.com/support/downloadb/TechnicalDocuments.htm.
If not, you need to contact support@quectel.com and they will send it to you according to your specific situation.

you can download it on our website

No you can’t there is nothing there.

you need to contact support and they will send it to you

Yes, we did but they don’t support KiCad and there are no working conversion tools anywhere, AFAICT. It’s gonna take us ~1 week of extra work to get all those 299 pads + other modules, correctly designed.

We’re quite disappointed for Quectel not supporting the most popular free tool!

Hi eabase,

Not sure if you’ve been able to check SnapEDA before, but there you can find symbols and footprints for most Quectel’s components, along with other resources like datasheets, specifications, 3D models and more. And the best part is that they’re available in more than 10 different formats including KiCad, Altium and Eagle.

Here’s the AG35 symbol and footprint that our engineers created and verified, with Quectel’s approval.

Hope this helps!