Where and how to get a firmware for EM12GPAR01A09M4G_MSFT?

I have modem EM12-G with firmware EM12GPAR01A07M4G_MSFT. The problem is i can’t flash it. Always got fail DL firehouse, time out. I do all correct way cause always flash modems EP06-e for the same way. I read some forums and see that popular problem. All problem with strange word - MSFT in firmware. I think that not official firmware or etc. Please help me how it flash?

Thanks for you query in Quectel forums.
The A09 version you are currently using is too old, please use our latest version of firmware to test, I will send you the latest firmware by email, thank you.

I also have a problem with updating the MSFT firmware. Could you send me such a firmware?
The current version is EM12GPAR01A09M4G_MSFT

Tech support response:
EM12GPAR01A09M4G_MSFT is a customized firmware for Microsoft. In a good way, these modules should not have been put on secondary sale.
Unfortunately, since Secure Boot is included in them, modules with this firmware cannot be flashed to standard versions.

А чем можно тогда прошить. На сколько я понял мой модуль вырван из surface и перепродан. На форуме 4pda пишут что обращались в поддержку quectel и им помогали его разблокировать.

Вот инструкция по которой человек перепрошил модуль

1 Регистрируешься на форуме Qectel
2 Пишешь в суппорт проблему
3 тебе на рег прочту пишет представитель из России
4 Объясняешь ему проблему
5 Он кидает тебе инструкцию и прошивку, а также БЭКАП !!!
6 Льешь все и !! обязательно серийник переписываешь на свой.
Все норм. Проверено лично.

I am experiencing the same problem with my EM12GPAR01A07M4G_MSFT.

e-mail delivery to support from my @gmail.com account fails:

Anybody can share how I could contact support or where can i get firmware updete for MSFT version of EM12-g?

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Добрый день.
Кому-нибудь удалось прошить EM12GPAR01A09M4G_MSFT в стоковую прошивку?
Какую лучше всего прошивку ставить?

EM12GPAR01A07M4G_MSFT module version download link is as follows, please download as required, thank you.

Good afternoon.
This firmware will make it possible to leave the MSFT version and install the standard version?
The firmware EM12GPAR01A09M4G_MSFT is already installed on my module and I want to update it to the version EM12GPAR01A21M4G_01

The firmware address is as follows, please obtain it according to the link. Thank you.

When trying to flash EM12GPAR01A21M4G_01.005.01.005, an error appears! How to get away from the MSFT firmware version?

Can you share the lastest FW for EM12-G MSFT version? I know that there is EM12GPAR01A15M4G_MSFT version, one of the lastest one

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Lay out the drivers and flasher

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link does not work

Where can I download ?

Hello, the seller deceived me and sent me the EM-12GPA-512-MSFT2 module
He said I need to contact support to flash the module to the global version.
Please tell me how to do this.