Whats the best way to make ippassthrough for rm 500 series module?

Hello, im trying to configure ippassthrough for rm 502-AE.
I think the best way is to use RGMII Extended Configuration, using AT+QETH AT+QETH=“ipptmac”
is it this, the best way to set an openwrt router to bridge the module to another router interface?

What is ip passthrough? Are you using the open solution? Can you draw a functional block diagram for us?

IP passthrough, mean a bridge from the 5g module wwan to lan, or better, it is a way to bridge the cellular wan from the host router where the module is, to another target router.
it is used, because if you want to use your module at max signal, you use it on an outdoor system, so if you want transparent bridge to the internal router, so you get public ip, and you can manage firewall port forward etc on your main Router inside.
Mikrotik call it ippassthrough, because you cannot bridge modem wan to a physical ethernet lan.

Are you working QuecOpen on RM502 with RGMII solution ? In general for IPPT you have support using AT commands which can be done based even on PDN profile number.