What's the best module for voice calls?

We are working on an application that will handle SMS and Voice Calls into a SIP platform. So far we have tested/worked with the modules BG96 and BG95-M3 for SMS but we haven’t tried yet voice. As they are IoT Modules, are the LTE Standard ones a better version for voice applications? What’s the recommendation for VoLTE?

I’m sorry for replying you so late. Have you solved your problem? Only part of the baseline versions of BG96 and BG95M3 support voice function. You can use AT+QGMR to check the current module version and I will help you check it.

Hey @tabor.tang-Q thank you. I went with the EC25-G module and I’m using the UAC function to get audio. What I’m not very convinced yet is with the audio quality. Is the any other channel where I can get support faster than the forum?