What is the meaning of: +QODM: "FUMO", Report Failed

Custom board
After using AT+GPS=1
I get the URC: +QODM: “FUMO”, Report Failed

Where is this documented?
I have a bunch of PDF files for the EC21 but I can’t search all of them at once.
Do you have a web page that I can search for commands, responses, and URC messages?
What does it mean?

Bruce Graham
Senior Software Engineer
TechnoSoft Innovations, Inc.

Dear Sir,
I think your command may be wrong. We currently do not have the web page you mentioned. Please refer to the document “Quectel_EC25&EC21_GNSS_AT_Commands_Manual” for your question.You can download it from our website: https://www.quectel.com/support/downloadb/TechnicalDocuments.htm?keys=EC21_GNSS_AT_Commands

I did not find QODM in the docs.
I guess that there is a command like AT+QODM that would produce a URC.
I do not use a QODM command, so why is the EC21 sending the QODM URC?

Bruce Graham


Did you ever get a resolution to this? I have several modules that are constantly spitting this undocumented message out.


[ ] chars are really < > but don’t show in page

I have also seen the FUMO report failed message

Did you find documentation? Thanks


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Dear Mdean,
For this issue, you can try the following method to disable this information. Thanks!
This URC information is related to AT&T OMA DM function, if it have no any influence on your application, please skip it; if it already have the effect on your application, you can use the following command to disable it, it will take effect after reboot. Thanks!
at+qodm=“fumo”,1,“autoreport 0”

We have the same issue like this for our EC21 module,

The at+qodm=“fumo”,1,“autoreport 0” return ERROR and still has lot of thos QODM messages, @Kyson can you confirm this please?

We get +QODM: “FUMO”, Report Failed at end:

> +QODM: "UI",0,<NETE></NETE>
> +QODM: "UI",0,<NETE></NETE>
> ...
> +QODM: "UI",0,<NETE></NETE>
> +QODM: "UI",0,<NETE></NETE>
> +QODM: "UI",0,<NETE></NETE>
> +QODM: "FUMO", Report Failed

Dear Richardl,
Could you help provide your module firmware version ? You can use ATI to check it. Thanks!

Sure, here is the response on ATI:

Revision: EC21AFAR05A04M4G

Thank you

Dear Richardl,
I have try this command in my side, this version can not support it. You may need to upgrade two higher version to support this command. Thanks!

The following is the upgrade tool and firmware package. Please check it. Thanks!
Upgrade tool: Qflash


Thank you Kyson, I will try with the firmware update, meanwhile, I have a few questions about this issue:

  1. We have thousands of product with EC21 already in end customer’s hand, how to make firmware update seamlessly from there? does the older version has DFOTA support?

  2. Luckily we just have few test board has such issue internally (triggered by bug somewhere in a new development), but we still have to prevent this happen in any case, is there any workaround to prevent this without firmware update? such as AT&F or some undocumented command? (I tested AT&F but doesn’t help).

  3. I am working on new module BG95M3 as well, should I add this command into there too?

Richard L.

Dear Richardl,
Sorry for bring any inconvenience for you.
Could you help to leave the message of your company name and your country, your email. Or you can send email to support@quectel.com, then we will arrange local FAE to guide you how to solve this issue. Thanks!