What is softsim?

what is softsim?-
Is there a place for a SIM card in the chipset? you can explain in more detail, namely the technical point. is it a program just wired into a chip?

Yes, SOFTSIM is different from the ESIM, and the SOFTSIM is just a progam written in to a chip.
The concept of softsim was first proposed by APPLE, and then followed by other terminal companies. Its basic feature is that terminal companies control the information written into SOFTSIM, which can cut off the contact between users and operators, and replace it with terminal companies selling communication services to users.

The concept of ESIM card was proposed by GSMA. GSMA is basically an organization led by global operators. It naturally speaks to operators. Its basic feature is that operators control the information written into ESIM cards, and users still buy from operators. Communication service.

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