What is RAM & ROM size of the BG-96 module?

Hello Community,

I would like to know the RAM, ROM, NV Memory related information for the Quectel BG-96 LTE Module.
Like their size, use etc.

Will you please help me to know?

Shiv Patil.

Dear shiv ,

There are 3M ROM and 3M RAM available for user , the BG96 size is 26.5mm * 22.5mm *2.3mm , for more docs pls kindly open the below link .

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Is there any way to extend it’s RAM & ROM so that we can used it to install any lightweight OS on it.

You have powerful ThreadX API in BG96, why you need other OS


I want a platform on the GSM modem thorugh whcih I can run multiple application at a same time. just like the other os will do (Linux, Windows, Mac.)

  1. BG96 use MMU enabled, so you NOT HAVE access to the ARM Cortex
    and you can not run other OS as FreeRTOS, LiteOS…etc
  2. BG96 not have resources to support Linux ( look EC2x OpenLinux modules )
  3. BG96 can run one userware multithread application (at two places - look BASE … 0x40000000 )
  4. Qualcomm ThreadX SDK can run many userware applications, but Quectel support only one

Should I try Qualcomm’s IoT/ ThreadX SDK to run multiple application?.

Requesting you to please go through the following link.
Qualcomm : Development Kits & Reference Device Kits

Here they are saying that the BG-96 is capable of the running IoT Cloud applications.

Will you please help me to understand…
what should I do, when I have to run a IoT application with any other normal application on same Quectel BG-96 modem

For this ask Quectel support

Hi shiv_patil ,

currently , BG96 open solution support one user application only , but in this application , you can run multi-task . with BG95 module , it support multi user application .

I would like to connect the GSM device to the cloud & using the AWS.
Can BG-96 also support the Amazon FreeRTOS?