What is "+ESM ERROR: 1,33"?

Hello Everybody,

What is “+ESM ERROR: 1,33”?

[2023-11-15 13:27:54:896_S:] AT+QGPS=1
[2023-11-15 13:27:54:951_R:] AT+QGPS=1
[2023-11-15 13:27:54:951_R:] OK
[2023-11-15 13:27:55:057_R:]
[2023-11-15 13:27:55:057_R:] +ESM ERROR: 1,33

Someone can clarify? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi ShortyPTG,

Can you provide the model and firmware name?

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@Raphael-Q Thanks for reply me.
The device model is EP06-E and the firmware is: A20 = EP06ELAR04A20M4G
I hope this can help you in some way :slight_smile:
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@Raphael-Q When I’ve Downgraded firmware to test, this error not happening