What are the features of EC25-AFFA

I can find details of all other versions in this document

but I cant find anything about EC25-AFFA …what are the features of this module? or it will come under EC25-AFX category?

Hello there
EC25-AF applies to North America, the more information you can refer this document, thank you.Quectel_LTE_Standard_Module_Product_Overview_V4.0.pdf (2.3 MB)

I think you did not understand my question correctly and the document you sent does not answer this.

I understand that EC25-AF is North America version. I understand that EC25-AFXD is Data only. I also understand features of EC25-AFX as mentioned in documents.

My question is …which category EC25-AFFA falls in? is it equal to EC25-AF? or is it EC25-AFX? or something completely different?

hello there
EC25AFFA belong to EC25AF, it is the full feature version of EC25AF, thank you.