Watch dog timer issue


I am using OpenCPU SDK for my project and using the WDT example code for my reference. The WDT chip is has a timeout of 1.4 seconds and i am feeding the Watchdog after 600 ms. It works perfectly in normal contions, but when i scan for BLE devices the pulse width of Watchdog changes and the device gets reset.
How can i avoid the same?

Thanks and regards
Sagar Choudhary

Any Updates on this??

Hi @sagar.choudhary
i am working with MC60 module and tps3823 shows only 200ms time for watchdog reset but you said it’s time is 2 sec so can you share the schematic for 2sec watchdog reset circuit it helps me to go forward in fast
the following threads are shows nobody does achieve the GSM module reset perfectly that’s why i ask the WDT part schematic

thanks in advance