Want to know about write cycle of System Storage Space in MC60E (Using to store some critical data)


I am using the MC60E module. I have already saved my critical data in system storage space. There are 13 blocks in MC60E. Just wanted to know about this 1MB of given memory type and the write cycle of the same memory.
Please find the attachment for more details about which memory I am using.
Quectel_OpenCPU_Security_Data_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (506.1 KB)

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Abhijeet Tippanna

Glad to answer your question, FLASH has an erasing life of 100,000 times.
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Hi @FelixCheng-Q

Thanks for the reply, In which document it is given.?
I have checked all documents regarding MC60E.
Can you please share.?

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Abhijeet Tippanna

Hi Abhijeet
Sorry, this is not written in the MC60 related documents, this is the result of a rough test before

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