Wakeup signal on incomming data while in PPP


I’m using EG915 in PPP mode. If I configure it with AT+QSCLK=2 it goes to sleep even if there’s open socket and the module is in PPP mode. But while I don’t have data to send I want my microcontroller to enter deep sleep(no active UART)

Is there a way to configure the EG915 module to output wakeup signal on icomming data, so that my uC will wake and read the data?

I have read the documentation and I can see that there’s config options for MAIN_RI to go into active LOW for 120ms on SMS and incomming calls and URCs in general. Is there config for it to go LOW on incomming data from the data call(PPP)?

Basically I want to use PPP but still be capable to enter in low power mode both with EG915 module and my uC. And while I’m in low power mode to be capable to be waken up by the server I’m connected to.

I didn’t find solution with external wakeup source and PPP(maybe because I didn’t search deep enough), but I solved my problem by enabling wakeup interrupt on falling edge of the RX pin on my MCU. Because I use TCP connection I always loose the first packet, but TCP is error correcting and it is sent again.

So before I go to sleep I convert the pin from RX to falling edge interrupt source. If I detect falling edge(activity on the Quectel’s TX, I wake up and then convert the pin back to RX and continue the PPP communication as normal. Plese note that if you have UDP connection the first packet will always be lost. Also note that If you use hardware flow control(RTS/CTS) you should set the RTS of the MCU to 0(LOW) in order to allow incomming data from the Quectel’s module.

Hope that this would be helpful to someone striving to create IoT device with permanent connection and minimum power draw.