Wake up send signal and sleep

Hello community,
I am new here and I want to know how can I make a unit (mcu and NB IoT engine) goes into a “sleep” mode 59minutes and 58 seconds and then wakes up and transmits data and after that goes to sleep again.
Thank you in advance.

Hi doug2006
Don’t understand where is your problem? Please also describe clearly. Please provide the specific model of the module you are using.

Hello thank you for your reply,
I am using kit:MSP-EXP432P401R mcu:MSP432P401M gsm:Quectel_BC66
I want to know how can I send my data to a database and send to my msp432 mcu a confirmation that the data was send.

Hi Doug2006
What protocol does the MCU use to send data to the application server? You can refer to the routines in the AT instruction set.
To confirm whether the data is received by the application server, the application server needs to reply with a confirmation ACK message.

Hi and thank you for your reply.
I using UART to send my data to Bc66 but how can I send them with sms,emal etc?
using msp432 and code composer studio.

Hi Doug2006
SMS can be sent, but mail is not supported.