Wake up over PON_TRIG mandatory

BG95-M2 - Are there any advantages to using PON_TRIG?

We are currently developing an IOT sensor platform. The first 40 units are already in the field for initial tests. As we are now facing the redesign, the question arises: What are the advantages of PON_TRIG over PWRKEY?

PWRKEY is currently working reliably - so we can stick with it, can’t we? After all, implementing PON_TRIG would be an additional cost factor, as we would need another LDO for 1V8.

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I am also interested in the answer
Furthermore wake up from PON_TRIG is as fast as wake up from PWRKEY
=> ~5 seconds before getting APP RDY
Can you confirm please ?
Thank You
Aurelien BOUIN

PON_TRIG just one function, wake up BG95 from PSM. If you control PWRKEY more accurately, it is also possible. It is necessary to control the BG95 from the time of waking up the PSM, the timing waveform of the control, if not the waveform of powering on, powering off, and restarting. Just get your attention. However, it is still advisable to use PON_TRIG unless there is no extra GPIO to control.

Addtional , Compared to power_ Key, PON_ TRIG can avoid shutting down modules due to accidental operation