VSCode - PlatformIO - Quectel


Quectel development platform for PlatformIO, project at GitHub:

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PlatformIO Arduino Quectel - Create a new project

in my youtube channel you can see more demos…

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Sending data to Amazon over MQTT - Quectel EC25

Google IoT Core and Quectel EC25 with Arduino inside

New added:
BC66 OpenCPU SDK 1.4
BC66 Arduino for BC66NBR01A07 ( in test stage )

NEW BOARD Olimex NB IoT DevKit

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NEW Framework for modules EC2x

  • OpenLinux
  • Arduino - coming soon…

The platform for Quectel BG96 now use integrated application uploader (Sahara UFS on Python)
and must work of all platforms Windows and Unix-Like…