VoLTE on LPWA modules


I want to enable VoLTE on a BG77 modem.

I would like to know which FW version should I use. The modem I have has version BG77LAR02A02.

Appart from the fw version, i would like to know the procedure to enable VoLTE, and if there is any documment to look into this procedure.

Any help is wellcome!


You can query with the following command. If 0,0 is returned, volte is not supported (our product specification also states that BG77 volte is currently under development).

Thanks for your reply, Herbet,

Sending this command I get “ERROR” as answer, not even “0,0”.

Please, could you indicate where can I get the latest FW for this modem? I think the one I have is out of date, and I’ve seen in some forums that the versión BG77LAR02A04 is available.

Thank you in advance.


Please click the link below to download the latest firmware version
Sorry, the module does not support this AT command based on the results returned above, but according to the product specifications, BG77 does not support Volte.

Thank you again, Herbert

The product specs indicate that VoLTE is in supported (Cat M1) but in development. Do you know the expected delivery of the fw version supporting VoLTE?

Sorry,Currently BG77 is mainly used for data transfer in the IOT. Very few customers use volte. If you need volte urgently, you are advised to use another type of module.


is there in your catalog any other LPWA modem with VoLTE implemented and operating?

If answer is no, which other modem non-LPWA has VoLTE ?

Also, please, is there any document which describes the FW update procedure?

Thank you again

BG96 can support VoLTE(for Cat M1 only).at the same time,Most of our 4G and 5G products also support Volte.

The upgrade tools:https://quectel123-my.sharepoint.cn/:u:/g/personal/ae-fae_dom_quectel_com_cn/EYq84kk7yN9NiJBd3oxbXHgB8QfTjvvu9gmfKI1c7AucCw?e=Gcqg6U
I’m sorry, but I suggest you register and search for the instruction document at the link below, because I didn’t find the corresponding English document.

Thanks a lot, Herbert

Hi, Herbert

I have tried to upgrade the BG77 with the QFlash utility, But we get com port error (see attached image).
We are using a UMTS&LTE EVB_v2.2 with an evaluation board BG77-TE-A_v1.3. We have tried both COM1 and COM2 ports in the evaluation kit.

We have read and followed the instructions in the pdf document included in the downloaded file.

What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

The error message in the screenshot indicates that the serial port is incorrectly selected,Normally, there are 3 ports. You need to select the port corresponding to DM COM.Check whether the serial port is abnormal because of the driver.

Hi. Could you send me the latest version of Qflash tool? I have the V4.12

I have sent the Qflash to your email,pls check

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