VoLTE and operators

Some operators have lists with supported VoLTE phones. Sometimes they block other devices that are not on their list. What about Quectel modules? Do You have or plan any contracts with operators that can add Quectel modules to VoLTE device supported lists?

hello,could you please tell us the module type and firmware version, thanks!

module: EG915UEUAB-N05-SNNSA
frm: EG915UEUABR03A01M08

Hi @Jacek
Which carrier’s SIM card are you currently using, and is the VOLTE function currently unavailable?

Currently i have T-Mobile, but it should work also with Orange, Play, Plus that are main operators in Poland.
Yes VOLTE is available on my T-Mobile SIM and seems work. Asked for explanation if You have some procedures/contracts with operators for validating Your modules for VoLTE compatibility.
Each operator validates devices for VoLTE compatibility and all devices out of the lists are anot guaranted to work with VoLTE (it can be prevent to use VoLTE by operator, even if it supports VoLTE).
E.g. “Orange” list of supported phones: Telefony_VoLTE_Wificalling.pdf (orange.pl)
“Play” compatibility: Usługi - WiFi calling i VoLTE | Play
“T-Mobile” comaptibility list: VoLTE i VoWiFi – wybierz najlepszą jakość połączeń| T-Mobile

There is not any modules on lists.