VoLTE and MBN Files for BG96

I’ve been exploring a solution when I need to manage the SMS and Voice Calls to a Server. I’m experimenting with the BG96 as the Networks and SIMs available support VoLTE.

Actual Firmware on module:

I know the BG96 is an IoT oriented module, but I still think it is capable of SMS and Voice Calls. The networks where this is being tested are on the North America Zone. Please, if anyone can share the technical steps to get working the proper firmware and MBN files.

What other module is recommended to use for SMS and Voice Call?

I have a BG96 with the same firmware version, and have no problems with SMS.

But I’ve not tried voice calls. I understand that voice over Cat-M1 should work - see eg: Telstra enables VoLTE across Cat-M1 IoT network | ZDNET

Which MBN file is activating?

In order to get working voice calls I would need to upload the MBN file from the operator I’m working on. Then activate the voLTE functionality. My issue at the moment is:
Where do I find these files?

They’re available from Quectel Technical Support according to: https://www.quectel.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Quectel_BG96_MBN_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (p5).

Thank you! @snowgum I’ll try to reach out the tech support team then.
BTW great article!