Voice call not in progress over eMTC

Hello, I use BG95-M3 modem, I use SIM cards from several operators, some are LTE and some are eMTC, with the LTE cards everything is fine, but I can’t make and receive calls in eMTC card (i check it and I can on my phone) what can i do?

Hello Shay,

Which FW are you using?
For BG95-M3 series module only R04 branch support volte.

Linkin WANG

Hi, the FW is BG95M3LAR02A03

Hi Shay,

Think you need to change to BG95M3LAR04Ax FW.

Thx, were i can fount that version?

Hi Shay,

Cannot upgrade from R03 to R04, because this is not the same brach.
I think you can order some module which FW is R04.