Valiation parameters for Bg95 module in android tablet

I’m using BG95 module in android tablet. Can you suggest some parameters to validate the BG95 module working?
NOTE: Couldn’t use AT commands in android as it blocks the normal cellular (telephony manager) operation of android.

  1. How can I validate cellular module working in android without using AT command?
  2. Is there any way to retrieve the BG95 module voltage in android without using AT command?
  1. Please port the RIL driver for the Android.
  2. No such method.

Can you elaborate on the 1st solution?

what’s the Android version is?

You can follow the Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_User_Guide_V2.0.pdf to port RIL driver.

I am using Android 11 in my device

@Bean.Wang-Q I have already ported RIL driver in my android device. How can I validate the cellular module is working good or not in factory?

NOTE: In factory, we won’t be using SIM. So there is no connectivity. How can I validate cellular module in this case?

Without SIM card we cannot test whether it is working.
How to test:
Just open the web browser or ping any site.
And please provide the log. (logcat -b all)