USSD support for Revision EC25ECGAR06A07M1G

Does Quectel with revision EC25ECGAR06A07M1G support USSD

Hi Derich

Our EC25 support USSD.
I will send a document to your email and in its 11.18 you can learn how to use USSD.


Thanks for your replay and also the document you sent to me. I have been using the same document you sent as a guild but it is not working. The command i used is AT+CUSD=1,"*556#",15 but is not working and i used the same command for

What is the reply to the command.

Depending on your carrier, you may need to drop back to 3G/UMTS/WCDMA for USSD to work.


It just returns Error

That is the configuration i am using.

You can use AT+CREG?;+CGREG?;+CEREG? to check the current network registration status.

That is the output of the commands

please what is the next thing for me to do. I need to make this USSD to work.

What provider’s SIM are you using?

That “OK” response followed by the “ERROR” looks to me like the modem is getting something back from the provider which it can’t handle properly (ie, it can’t put into a “+CUSD:” unsolicited response).

Have you got this USSD string working on another device with this provider?