Using RG500 with Silabs MCU


I want to connect my low-power Silabs MCU to the RG500 module and to control it.
Please be aware that I am merely interested in a Proof of Concept and I do not intend to reach the full potential of 5G.

Should I use QMI or EMC dial-up?

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your question, do you MCU support USB interface and have USB driver?
If yes, you can connect with RG500Q and test.Thanks!

Hi, thank you for your answer.

Yes, it supports USB interface but it is the Slave in that communication. It supports UART too.

After some more research, I understood that I cannot use QMI because Linux libraries are required.
And I cannot use EMC because my device is the Slave in USB communication, and not the Master.

The only remaining option now is to use PPP: is that possible with this module? Looking at the documentation, I would say so.

Dear Sir,
RG500Q don’t support ppp function, please kindly note it.Thanks!