Using Quectel LTE modem with Windows

Hello Quectel support!

I have a Quectel EC25 LTE modem and it is detected on Windows (there is Quectel USB modem device, Quectel USB AT port…) show up in Device Manager.
How to I establish internet connection using the modem? Do you have any software that can manage the APN and control the connection?

Thank you!

Below is the AT COMMAD manual for EC25:
The link below is QCOM for the AT Command tuning tool:

Hi Herbert,

Thanks for the information. I am able to comminicate with the modem using AT command via Putty application. I want to know how to setup a working internet connection in Windows. Can you advise!

Please download the driver from the link and install it. Check with Windows Device Manager to see if the AT COM port is generated. You can use AT Command from the AT COM port!