Using Ql_Secure memory of MC60 for storing multiple parameters at single index

Dear All,

I am using MC60 module and I need to save multiple parameters in one index. Let’s say I am using index 9 which has 100 bytes.
I need to save 3 parameters each containing 30 bytes.
Every parameters has some predefined value. Now, I need to modify only one parameters. How can I do this efficiently?

Also, which one is more efficient file system or secure memory for using critical parameters?
If using secure memory which one is efficient - secure memory api or file system using UFS?

Any help in this regard will be appreciated. Thank You

First of all, frequent erase&write is not recommended for secure areas.
If you want to use a secure area, it is recommended that you use 1-8 to manage each parameter separately.
If MC60 is used and UFS is available, UFS is recommended to save parameters and a structure is used, which is more efficient