Using FC41D BLE Module in sleep mode with microcontroller

I use the FC41D module as a BLE Peripheral device.
I send commands through a microcontroller as in the AT command manual I can set the device settings correctly.

  1. I want to operate the FC41D module in low power mode or deep sleep mode. I can enter these modes with AT command. But I could not find any detailed information about these modes. For example, when the device is in deep sleep mode, can it send messages to the microcontroller when it receives data? Is there any documentation on how it behaves in these modes?

  2. Can I control the pins of the FC41D module via AT commands? For example, can it send a signal to the microcontroller when it comes out of deep sleep mode?

  3. This is what I want to do in my application:
    I will use the microcontroller and the FC41D module in sleep mode. I don’t want to keep the FC41D module active all the time. When the user presses a button, it will wake up the FC41D module. It will establish a connection with the module. It will do its operations…
    1-2 minutes after disconnecting, the FC41D will put itself back into low power mode or deep sleep mode.
    How can I implement this scenario with FC41D? Can you give detailed information?