Using Both GPS and LTE at same time with LTE EG25-G Mini PCIe

Hi I am using LTE EG25-G Mini PCIe connected to jetson nano with USB adapter
I want use both GPS and LTE at same time
so how can I do that ?
please explain in brief
Thanks in advance

Hello SAITEJA_KONREDDY, thanks your question on quectel forums

EC25-G support GNSS feature and LTE at the same time, you should make the LTE and GNSS antenna is well connection, our module will register network automatic. As for GNSS function, you can execute AT+QGPS=1 open GNSS. The more configure parameter about GNSS, you can refer quectel GNSS application note, thank you.Quectel_EC2x&EG9x&EG2x-G&EM05_Series_GNSS_Application_Note_V1.3.pdf (646.0 KB)

I Understood this but I want it to connect automatically to 4g Connection can you help how to do that?

Hello there
Sorry i do not really understand your meaning, if your SIM card is well and inserted, module will recognize it and register the network automatic, you do not need any operation in this process. I guess your mean is the module do not register the network, you can execute those AT command query whether some parameter changed:
AT+CPIN? //Check the status of the SIM card
AT+CGREG? //Check the registration status of the PS domain
AT+CREG? //Check the registration status of the CS domain
AT+QENG=“servingcell” //Check whether the module resides on the network
AT+COPS? //Check if manual search PLMN is configured
AT+QCFG=“band” //Check whether the BAND configuration of the module has been modified
AT+QCFG=“nwscanmode” //Check whether the network search mode of the module has been modified
AT+QCFG=“nwscanmodeex” //Check whether the network search mode of the module has been modified
AT+QMBNCFG=“List” //Check if MBN activation does not match
AT+CGDCONT? //Check if the APN configuration is correct
AT+QICSGP=1 //Check if the username and password are configured correctly

HI Thanks for the reply
sometimes the network doesn’t register on its own if do AT+QGPS=1 this command is there any issue with using both at the same time ? and also how will I ping from my module ?do I need to install wwan driver ?is it mandatory ?

Hello there
Normally, this command can be used at the same time. The GNSS of the LTE Standard module supports position calculation functions without network assistance.Maybe others reason cause network register fail, you can capture the abnormally log send to, we will analyze it asap.
You can execute AT+QPING=1,“” command implement ping operation, you do not need install wwan driver, thank you.

How to capture the log ?

Hello there
You can use QWinlog to get the log, i have send the tool and user guide via email, please check your email, thank you.

Sorry I didn’t receive the email

Hello there
I have send the email, but it send fail:Your message was not delivered because the recipient’s mail provider rejected it. So please provide other email, thank you.

I send via this email address, but it failed. Can you provide other email address? thank you.

hello there
This address still fails to be sent. It seems that the recipient refused to receive it. It may be caused by the rules of the mailbox. You can add my address duncan.xu@QUECTEL.COM to the whitelist.

hello there
You can download the tools and document from the link below, thank you.

do I need to install any driver for broadband connection on linux ?because right now its connecting for 1 min and getting disconnected and after that I can’t even use Minicom to access(shows device is locked)

You can just use qmi_wwan driver or ECM driver that comes with the kernel.

how to install it? and what’s is the reason behind it disconnecting after 1 min

If you can access to internet, it means you had installed network adapter driver. regarding the reason behind it disconnecting after 1 min, please check network environment first.

What do you mean Network environment ? I can use the same SIM card in mobile and it working completely fine