User/Password Authentification for HTTP(S) on MC60

Hello Support,

i have some questions regarding HTTP/HTTPS functionality with MC60 module:

  1. Is an authentification functionality implemented in the current http / https stack, if yes how should username and password be provided for the at command?
  2. If not, is it planned to be implemented somewhen?
  3. In OpenCPU, HTTP functionality is wrapped through RIL_HTTP API. Is a there also an api availaible for https in opencpu?

Thanks in advance
Best regards b2k

Dear B2k,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Please check the following answer to your questions. Thanks!
1.Yes, the authentication functionality already implemented, when you use it, you use upload the authentication file to module which may contains the information of username and password.
2.If you want to use https inOcpu, you can refer to http API, we have no specific API for https. Thanks!

Hello Kyson,
Thanks for your answer.
Could you please provide further information what you mean with “upload the authentication file to module”?


Dear B2K,
Please check the following information about “upload the authentication file to module”. Thanks!

Quectel_GSM_HTTPS_Application_Note_V3.2.pdf (909.3 KB)