Use the RG500Q as Ethernet PHY with RGMII


Is it possible to use the RG500Q 5G Module as an Ethernet-PHY by connecting the RGMII of an Ethernet MAC to the RGMII of the Module.

If not, for what purpose is the RGMII-Interface of the Module meant?

Also, I wonder if it is possible to connect a RGMII to a MII interface by reducing the speed of the RGMII to 10/100 functionality?

Thanks for your help

Hello Martin,
Thanks for your question.
About your first question, we have reference design including it, please refer to it.
About your second question, we have AT+QETH=“speed” that can lower speed.
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Hello Peter,

Thank you for your Response
I’m a Student from the Karlsruher Institute of Technology in Germany and we plan to do some tests at a 5G Campus-Network with the RG500Q.

In the Datasheet (RG500Q Series Hardware Design V1.0) the Module either works as a MAC in a MAC-to-PHY-Connection like in Figure 30.
Or its connected with a MAC (Fig. 31), but the TX Signals are defined as output not as Input like they should in a PHY-Module. ( )

So how should I connect a MAC to RG500Q to use it as a 5G PHY?
Maybe this is not possible, so my question, what purpose is the RGMII-Interface of the Module meant for? :slight_smile:

My second Question was about connecting an MII with the RGMII.
The HP Specs of the RGMII (HP Specs of the RGMII) defines in 5.0 that the RGMII can be used as an MII by changing it to 10/100 Functionality. So its great, that I can change the speed of the RGMII, but how do I connect those Interfaces.
(especially the RGMII_CTL_TX line to the TX_EN and TX_ER of the MII, and the RGMII_CTL_RX to the RX_DV and RX_ER of the MII)

Do I still have to configure the module via USB or PCI?

And do I recieve/send standard Ethernet-MAC protocolls?
Is this even possible? :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hello Martin,
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