Use PCM Audio Output with Analog Mic Input on MC60


We are trying to use the PCM Audio Output feature of the MC60 Module. Using AT+QPCMON and AT+QPCMVOL we can successfully switch to the PCM Audio Channel and the Audio Output works correctly. The Problem now is that we do not have a proper TDM microphone nor want to include an additional audio codec for it. So we still like to use an analog differential microphone.

Is there any way to configure the module to use the analog microphone input while outputting on PCM?

We tried to use the AT+QAUDCH command after establishing PCM Output which result in switching back to analog audio completely. We also tried to set AT+QMIC to adjust the analog microphone gain level when using PCM Output but that does not have an effect, too.

Hope you can help on this.


I’m sorry to reply you so late.
We need to confirm this problem with our development team.We will get back to you as soon as possible.

After our internal confirmation,If you want to use an analog microphone for input, PCM for output requires external CODEC.