Use data from SIM Card to FC20 module

How to use data from SIM Card to FC20 module to use FC20 as a hotspot

What master do you use, is it EG25?

Yes i am using EC25 as master.

Before starting up the AP mode in module, first make data call from the module for internet access availability through the module:
Access the directory to data call file:

Run “make clean” to delete the already existing compiled files and then run “make” to compile the files
Check the compiled files in directory

Push the compiled files into the module

Access the compiled file directory and run the command:


Now the data calling is set on module, we can create the AP mode in module.
Access the wifi files directory and modify ap_mode.c file accordingly e.g SSID , password , Bandwidth , channel

After modification, compile the file and push into module directory

Access the file directory and run the command to enable the AP mode on module

Check on PC if configured AP network available or not and try to connect with set password.
Access the internet using this AP connectivity


Hi Waleed_Zafar1,
Thanks for the information. I will check and update

Hi Waleed_Zafar1,
Thanks. Now i am able configure FC20 as a hot-spot using SIM Card GPRS connection. Thanks for your support.