Usage of AT+QENG

Hi, using the BC66 I managed to get a result from AT+QENG=0 after sending a UDP message however if possible I would like to get the reading from AT+QENG=0 before sending the UDP message (on wake-up from deep sleep). Alternatively having AT+QENG report with every AT+QISENDEX or as an event is also a good option.


If the module wakes up, and returns +cscon:1,you can execute


You can get the report data

Hi, I set at+cscon=1 but on PSM EINT wake up, the module returns “ENTER DEEPSLEEP” after a while. How can I ensure +cscon:1 ? Maybe I can connect the module to the network?

Don’t you need to send data when the module wakes up?
The above method applies to sending data after wake up