Upgrading from EM160R_GL, what 5G M.2 Module should i upgrade to?

I am based in the UK and looking to upgrade from my Quectel EM160R_GL module.

Should i upgrade to 5G RM521F-GL or 5G RM520N/RM510Q-GL?
Between 5G RM520N and 5G RM510Q-GL, which is better? I’m assuming RM510Q-GL as it supports mmwave?

Current is the 520 521 and 530
520 sub 6 2x CA SA NR
521 sub 6 3x CA SA NR
530 has mmWave but I don’t know much about it.

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I believe the rm521F-gl is the latest and greatest but I am not sure if production units are being sold right now or all currently available on places like AE are engineering samples which are not supported and not updatable.

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I plan on buying from AE. How do you determine which are engineering samples?

530 seems to be better than 521 according to below

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If it is not mentioned in the title we have to ask the seller.

Look at the theoretical max speeds. If you have mmWave available in your area then a 530 is probably a good idea. I always thought of the 530 as the 520 with mmWave capabilities. If you don’t have mmWave then you’d probably want the 521