Upgradedownload software displays a message indicating that BMAFrame DLL cannot be loaded

tool: UpgradeDownload_R25.20.3901
BMAFrame DLL cannot be loaded。Try to download this DLL file to install registration, still can not run the program, need help

hello, could you tell us the module type and your current firmware version? thanks

module type:EC200U
Firmware version: EC200UCNAAR02A06M08_OCPU

Now the tools can not be opened normally, it has nothing to do with the module, suspected that I lack some files or did not install the driver caused by, but I heard our colleagues said that there is no need to install the driver


Please try running the software as administrator, or check if the software runs on other computers.
However, we do not recommend using this software to download the firmware, please use QFlash for this.


这个是电脑的问题,最方便的解决方法是重装或重置系统。也可以先试一试在 cmd 运行下述命令:
sfc /scannow