Upgrade firmware of BG96 to newest version

sorry I am still a beginner, so this question might not be professional.
I am using a BG96 evaluation board in Austria (T-mobile/Magenta) with NB-IoT. I would like to communicate to a IoT-Gateway with MQTT commands. But it seems my rather old device does not support this.
For instance AT+QMTCFG=“SSL”,1,1,2 returns an error.
Is there a way to upgrade from BG96MAR02A02M1G to a newer version? I would use Qflash
Best regards

I am a bit disappointed because nobody answered to this question or gave me any hint. In the meantime I changed to a brandnew BG95-M3 module. Everything works as expected. The BG96 might be outdated or damaged

Dear Ariss,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum. Sorry for delay answer your question.
How about your test now ? Do you still want to upgrade the firmware? If you want to get the latest firmware package, you can email to support@quectel.com to get it. Thanks!