Update Firware BC660K

Hi everybody,

How can i update the firware on an BC660K modul? I use the BC660k-GL-TE-B KIT.


update tool:https://quectel123-my.sharepoint.cn/:u:/g/personal/ae-fae_dom_quectel_com_cn/EaUKq_-FyexJi0timax1yK8BVRMSGrgG4BYinAd4lGkEKQ?e=KqEcPS

Firstly,Press the “boot” button (don’t release),then Press the “Reset” button (don’t release),then release the “reset” button,and finally release the “boot” button.

hi herbert,

and which buttons for the BC65-TE-B-KIT

Please change another tool.
update tool:https://quectel123-my.sharepoint.cn/:u:/g/personal/ae-fae_dom_quectel_com_cn/EYq84kk7yN9NiJBd3oxbXHgB8QfTjvvu9gmfKI1c7AucCw?e=2vZEc9

Upgrade through the DEBUG port. After the START, if the RESET indication appears, press the RESET button.

Is it possible to use QFlash Tool 4.19 for updating BC660K with A03 firmware? I’m getting error message “Fail, tool and firmware path have space!” after selecting .bin file. I want to upgrade to A04 firmware.
Thank you.

Yes, you have to use at least QFlash tool 5.4 and firmware package use ini file.