Update EPO file for L86 proces

Hi, I’m updating EPO file for my L86 GNSS module but I got some problems
1.The strategy for downloading EPO file to my GNSS module is quite complicated.
So this is my process, please confirm for me
step1: download epo file from computer and update for GPS module via UART
step2 : when EPO file expire I have to re-download epo file (recur step 1) ? Or GPS is automatically update EPO file ? Or I have to dev for my MCU that it need to update EPO file for GPS module ? Please clarify this process for me. I quite hard to understand how to update EPO file.
2. When I update EPO file using Powergps, I got this error " RECEIVER AGENT NO RESPONSE, PROCESS TERMINATED"? There are no COM is openning.

Dear Sir,
EPO data should be manually downloaded from the server, when it expired. Then updating EPO data via PowerGPS.
About point 2, if you want to update EPO file using PowerGPS, please confirm the UART port is connected or not.

This hint shows up while you want to update EPO but module is disconnected.

Best regards.