UNlock Global Bands - LTE-A Module EG18 -NA

+QCFG: “band”,0x260,0x5,0x0
I get this what this band mean
And itry used globle band b3 or b1 but not work and give me error

See Can someone explain how command AT+QCFG="band" works?(ec200t) - #2 by snowgum

0x5 is 101 binary that decodes as B1+B3

My understanding that both B1 and B3 are not supported by -NA model.

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this my problem my lbr20 Firmware Version :EG18-NA-PAR01A06M4G And when i check AT+QCFG=“band” i get this result AT+QCFG=“band”
+QCFG: “band”,0x260,0x5,0x0 but its not work with band 3 and from router webui " Band Name 2100,1900 PCS,1800+,AWS-1,850,UMTS only,2600,900 GSM,1800,AWS-1+,1500 Lower, 700 a,700 c,700 PS, , ,700 b,800 Lower,800 Upper,8"

That’s normal, see my previous response.
According to the datasheet your modem is limited to the following LTE bands:

For B3 support you need EG18-EA model.