Unlimited packet size is highly needed for MQTT


During our projects using (BC95-GV/BG95) we were always required to publish a fairly large data(about 15kB - qos: always 0) through MQTT client in one connection.
because of the small publishing payload size in the used modules (BC95/BG95), we had to implement our own MQTT stack on top of a TCP connection. it was a rather suitable solution until the X.509 protocol has been requested.

Please make a feature to publish message with unlimited size through MQTT(s) AT commands in case that the quality of service (qos) equals to zero?

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BC95GV supports to publish a maximum message length of 1K byte, and BG95 supports a maximum message length of 4K byte

Dear Herbert.pan-Q,

I am wondering why you can not add a feature to the module to accept publishing unlimited data, as the case of sending in TCP connection.
I understand that the module has a limited RAM and can not hold big messages when the QOS is (1 or 2).
What about publishing when QOS is zero? this does not require holding the message in the module memory.

Dear Herbert.pan-Q,

Do you have any update?
Do you plan to put this topic in the developers todo list?