Undocumented value in /sys/class/<device>/type (EG25-G)

I’m trying to add support for the Quectel EG25-G in my project. It’s operating, but I had to contend with an undocumented value, 65534, in /sys/class/wwp0s21f0u4i4/type. From the documentation, I’m led to expect that the value should be found in kernel source file include/uapi/linux/if_arp.h, but I’m not finding 65534 in there. Is this value a bug, or is there some meaning that’s not in my kernel source (based on 5.4.34)?

It also may help to know that I got this value when I built my system without the qmi_wwan_q.c kernel object – because the EG25 seemed to be supported in the current qmi_wwan.c code. When I added the qmi_wwan_q.c file, that resulted in the type file having a value of 1; however, I am still curious why the value 65534 appeared, especially when the modem seemed to be working quite nicely without qmi_wwan_q.c.

And yet another discovery – that 65534 corresponds to symbol ARPHRD_NONE in if_arp.h. (:man_facepalming: ) Never mind!