Unable to use the Hardware flow control in main UART in BG95 Quectel module series

I wanna use the hardware flow control in UART in BG95 module and I have sent (AT+IFC = 2,2) and read back the set value and getting the response (AT+IFC? +IFC 2,2 ok). After sending this command I was sending the 4096 Bytes of data over UART but after that module is not responding.

Please suggest me if I missed something or tell me what I need to add more so that It will work.

I am facing similar issue, BG95 module not responding when enabling HWFC.

Does anyone has idea what could be the issue?

Even i am facing this issue in BG96 on firmware BG96MAR04A03M1G_01.003.01.003 , try to set HW flow control .
But checking it doesn’t show it as set at all ,
+IFC: 0,0

This is screwing up file operations through AT cmds in data mode …

HI any update on this issue ? im having the same problem with bg96 :frowning: