Unable to install linux driver : EC25-E


I am currently evaluating EC25-E using the standard EVB provided by the quectel.
I have been trying to install the drivers by following the linux device driver installation driver provided the quectel.
Getting following issue:

[ 51.916469] qmi_wwan_q 2-1.4:1.4: Quectel module not qmi_wwan mode! please check ‘at+qcfg=“usbnet”’
[ 51.940490] GobiNet::GobiNetDriverBind usbnet is MBIM not NDIS/RMNET!

Also , even after setting all the said options correctly in the defconfig file the device does not get detected over the USB interface. I am using STM32MP157C-DK2 as the integration platform.
Kernel version : 5.10.10

Please confirm that the return value of at+qcfg=“usbnet is 0 first.