Unable to get the example.bin file after compilation using LLVM compiler

Hello Community,

I am working on the Quectel BG-96 module using the LLVM compiler v4.0.
I have made all requied chnages in build_demo.bat file as given below.

set DAM_RO_BASE=0x43000000

set TOOLCHAIN_PATH_STANDARdS=%TOOL_PATH_ROOT%\llvm\armv7m-none-eabi\libc\include
set LLVMLIB=%TOOL_PATH_ROOT%\llvm\lib\clang\4.0.3\lib
set LLVMLINK_PATH=%TOOL_PATH_ROOT%\llvm\tools\bin
set PYTHON_PATH=%TOOL_PATH_ROOT%\Python27\python.exe

Trying to compile the examples codes for the BG-96 Open SDK.
The console logs for the compilation process are given below.

I am not able to understand only the .ini & .elf files are generated.
there is no .bin file in the /bin/ deirectory

Will you please help to solve this problem?..

Shiv Patil.

Hi Shiv,

Please confirm Python2.7 is installed in your system and set in right path.

Hello WillieYao,

I have added the pythn.exe path to the environment variable path settings.
& checked the python 2.7 is working using the commandline on windiows.

C:\Users\embed>python --version
Python 2.7.16

Hi Shiv,

Pthon is used to convert elf to bin file. Please make sure that python path in your system is the same as the %TOOL_PATH_ROOT%\Python27\python.exe(D:\test\SD_LLVM_ARM_WIN_4_0\Python27\python.exe)

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Hello WillieYao,
Thanks for correcting me.
I have chnaged the python.exe file path to the default location where the actual file is located & now its working fine.

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