Unable to get registered under EPS

Hello Everybdoy. I’ trying to get registered my SIM under mobile nettwork.
Unfortunately it seems not working.
Let me explain how i did it:

AT ! Checking if Module is alive. It is…!
AT+NRB ! Do a reboot, Just in case. It works !
AT+NBAND=8 ! Chooses 900 MhZ. I’m not sure if this is correct…!
AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,“internet.wind” ! Setting PDP context. Seems working !
AT+CEREG=2 ! Registration attempt . Got an OK !
AT+COPS=0 ! Automatically chooses PLMN. Seems working !

Then from now on i expect my sim to be registered under network.
When checking i get this:

[2019-10-14 14:29:40:132_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2019-10-14 14:29:40:132_R:] +CEREG:2,2,0000,00000000,9

[2019-10-14 14:29:40:163_R:] OK

Which, if i’m not worong, means “Not registered, MT is not currently searching an operator to register to”
Where am i wrong ? What am i forgetting ?
Module involved is Quectel BC95G.
Thanks to all those who will take care of my issue.

The first step is to verify that the SIM card supports the local nb-iot network.

Reconfirm the SIM card operators support the network AT+NBAND= to configure.

AT+CGDCONT=1, “IP”, “internet.wind”, confirm that “internet.wind” is the APN supported by local operators。


Wait until the response returns OK

AT + CGDCONT = 1, “IP”, “Internet, wind”

Determine that “internet.wind” is a local carrier supported APN.


Wait for the module to return 0,1

Follow the above process.

If the above information has been confirmed, and the network access is still not successful, please also grab a copy of UEMonitor log of the module and provide it to me for a look, specific reasons.

Thanks for supporting.

Here is the attempt. I get an error at CMGF

[2019-10-15 20:22:17:357_S:] AT
[2019-10-15 20:22:17:371_R:] AT
[2019-10-15 20:22:17:371_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:22:20:813_S:] AT+NRB

[2019-10-15 20:22:20:826_R:] REBOOTING
[2019-10-15 20:22:21:324_R:]
[2019-10-15 20:22:21:328_R:] DSR:1 CTS:1 RI:0 (DCD:0)

[2019-10-15 20:22:21:330_R:] DSR:1 (CTS:0) RI:0 DCD:0

[2019-10-15 20:22:21:335_R:] DSR:1 CTS:0 RI:0 (DCD:1)

[2019-10-15 20:22:21:337_R:] DSR:1 (CTS:1) RI:0 DCD:1
[2019-10-15 20:22:21:338_R:] 3Êê
[2019-10-15 20:22:21:436_R:] DSR:1 CTS:1 RI:0 (DCD:0)

[2019-10-15 20:22:21:438_R:] DSR:1 (CTS:0) RI:0 DCD:0

[2019-10-15 20:22:21:657_R:] DSR:1 CTS:0 RI:0 (DCD:1)

[2019-10-15 20:22:21:660_R:] DSR:1 (CTS:1) RI:0 DCD:1
[2019-10-15 20:22:21:661_R:] ÒÊê
[2019-10-15 20:22:21:771_R:] Boot: Unsigned
[2019-10-15 20:22:21:787_R:] Security B… Verfied
[2019-10-15 20:22:21:947_R:] Protocol A… Verfied
[2019-10-15 20:22:24:379_R:] Apps A… Verfied

[2019-10-15 20:22:24:994_R:] DSR:1 CTS:1 RI:0 (DCD:0)

[2019-10-15 20:22:24:996_R:] DSR:1 (CTS:0) RI:0 DCD:0

[2019-10-15 20:22:25:035_R:] DSR:1 CTS:0 RI:0 (DCD:1)

[2019-10-15 20:22:25:038_R:] DSR:1 (CTS:1) RI:0 DCD:1

[2019-10-15 20:22:25:066_R:] REBOOT_CAUSE_APPLICATION_AT
[2019-10-15 20:22:25:101_R:] Neul
[2019-10-15 20:22:25:101_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:22:37:892_S:] AT+NBAND=8
[2019-10-15 20:22:37:914_R:] AT+NBAND=8
[2019-10-15 20:22:37:931_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:22:42:053_S:] AT+NBAND?
[2019-10-15 20:22:42:073_R:] AT+NBAND?
[2019-10-15 20:22:42:090_R:] +NBAND:8

[2019-10-15 20:22:42:105_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:22:50:549_S:] AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,“internet.wind”
[2019-10-15 20:22:50:599_R:] AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,“internet.wind”
[2019-10-15 20:22:50:632_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:22:55:478_S:] AT+CGDCONT?
[2019-10-15 20:22:55:494_R:] AT+CGDCONT?
[2019-10-15 20:22:55:511_R:] +CGDCONT:1,“IP”,“internet.wind”,0,0,0

[2019-10-15 20:22:55:558_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:23:03:158_S:] AT+COPS?
[2019-10-15 20:23:03:172_R:] AT+COPS?
[2019-10-15 20:23:03:189_R:] +COPS:0

[2019-10-15 20:23:03:205_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:23:15:557_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2019-10-15 20:23:15:586_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2019-10-15 20:23:15:586_R:] +CEREG:0,2

[2019-10-15 20:23:15:602_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:23:21:133_S:] AT+CEREG=1
[2019-10-15 20:23:21:153_R:] AT+CEREG=1
[2019-10-15 20:23:21:168_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:23:24:838_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2019-10-15 20:23:24:864_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2019-10-15 20:23:24:864_R:] +CEREG:1,2

[2019-10-15 20:23:24:879_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:23:36:197_S:] AT+CFUN=1
[2019-10-15 20:23:36:221_R:] AT+CFUN=1
[2019-10-15 20:23:36:237_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:23:44:500_S:] AT+CIMI
[2019-10-15 20:23:44:523_R:] AT+CIMI
[2019-10-15 20:23:44:523_R:] 222885860121885

[2019-10-15 20:23:44:556_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:23:54:029_S:] AT+NCCID
[2019-10-15 20:23:54:057_R:] AT+NCCID
[2019-10-15 20:23:54:057_R:] +NCCID:8939883486100318652

[2019-10-15 20:23:54:089_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:24:05:598_S:] AT+CMGF?
[2019-10-15 20:24:05:623_R:] AT+CMGF?
[2019-10-15 20:24:05:623_R:] ERROR
[2019-10-15 20:24:08:517_S:] AT+CMGF=1
[2019-10-15 20:24:08:534_R:] AT+CMGF=1
[2019-10-15 20:24:08:550_R:] ERROR
[2019-10-15 20:24:16:630_S:] AT+CGATT=1
[2019-10-15 20:24:16:644_R:] AT+CGATT=1
[2019-10-15 20:24:16:660_R:] OK
[2019-10-15 20:24:23:309_S:] AT+CMGF
[2019-10-15 20:24:23:331_R:] AT+CMGF
[2019-10-15 20:24:23:331_R:] ERROR
[2019-10-15 20:24:25:725_S:] AT+CMGF?
[2019-10-15 20:24:25:746_R:] AT+CMGF?
[2019-10-15 20:24:25:762_R:] ERROR
[2019-10-15 20:24:31:933_S:] AT+CMGF=1
[2019-10-15 20:24:31:953_R:] AT+CMGF=1
[2019-10-15 20:24:31:969_R:] ERROR
[2019-10-15 20:24:37:588_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2019-10-15 20:24:37:615_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2019-10-15 20:24:37:631_R:] +CEREG:1,2

[2019-10-15 20:24:37:631_R:] OK

Kind regards
Fausto Testa

The module is looking for the network.Wait for successful network access to execute this command.

1,2 means the network is being searched

1,1 is the network success.

1,3 is access denied

i tried in all three modes available (GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA, LTE) always keeps getting this. One question (i found very little information about it).
Is NBAND=8 the correct value ? Before trying others is there a specific value other thna 8 that i should try ? (Thanks).

NOTE: In the area where i am LTE coverage is present

2019-10-17 08:17:35:974_R:] OK
[2019-10-17 08:17:37:254_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2019-10-17 08:17:37:270_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2019-10-17 08:17:37:286_R:] +CEREG:1,2

[2019-10-17 08:17:37:302_R:] OK
[2019-10-17 08:17:38:071_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2019-10-17 08:17:38:086_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2019-10-17 08:17:38:102_R:] +CEREG:1,2

[2019-10-17 08:17:38:118_R:] OK
[2019-10-17 08:17:38:655_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2019-10-17 08:17:38:678_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2019-10-17 08:17:38:694_R:] +CEREG:1,2

[2019-10-17 08:17:38:710_R:] OK
[2019-10-17 08:17:43:383_S:] AT+NBAND=?
[2019-10-17 08:17:43:411_R:] AT+NBAND=?
[2019-10-17 08:17:43:411_R:] +NBAND:(1,3,5,8,20,28)

[2019-10-17 08:17:43:444_R:] OK

Tried also with another SIM (different operator). Same story

Please also confirm your country. What band do we support?

Your module only supports nb-iot networks, not GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA, LTE.Make sure your SIM card supports nb-iot.

If the above confirmation is correct, AT+CGAUTH=1,2,“1234”,“1234” configuration USERID, PASSWORD.