Unable to download OS build files for SC66 from CodeAurora.org

check_program tar repo git patch
Build Path = Android_SDK_SC66
Downloading code please wait…
repo: error: unable to resolve “caf-stable”
fatal: double check your --repo-rev setting.
warning: -f/–force-broken is now the default behavior, and the options are deprecated
!!!Error Downloading code!!!

Repo Details:

repo init -u https://source.codeaurora.org/quic/la/platform/manifest.git -b release -m ${CAFTAG} --repo-url=git://codeaurora.org/tools/repo.git --repo-branch=caf-stable
repo sync -cj16 -q --no-tags -f --no-clone-bundle

Hi, Ragavendiran:
This website is not used any more,we now use gitlab to download AOSP.
Do you work for any company?

Hi Zheng,
I am working with Adiuvodiagnostics private limited.
Can you please share the relevant links to use?

For gitlab, you need to apply the account.
You can create a ticket in EService if you have account, then our team can help you apply it.
Note:You need to provide NDA and SDK questionnaire

We already have an NDA in place with Quectel. Let me know where to proceed next.

Please create a new ticket in EService about your requirement.
It’s not convennient to discuss here.