Unable to connect to internet QuecOpen EC25

Hello There,

I Am working on EC25 QuecOpen solution and have connected AR8033 for ethernet connectivity.
and now I am able to get the ethernet port(eth0) according to documents eth0 is fall on bridge0.
after that I assigned Ip to both interfaces(eth0+bridge0) both static and dynamic but I am unable to ping to the or www.google.com. I don’t know what to do after that.(i also added in resolv.conf file. if anyone know how to assign ip and how to connect to internet please help )


Hi @rahul2413

Do you mean other devices provide network for EC25 through ethernet?
if so,please refer to the following steps.

1- Run example “sgmii_api_test” and input 1 to enable SGMII function of EC25.
2- brctl delif bridge0 eth0
3- dhcpcd -t 10 -o domain_name_servers --noipv4ll eth0
The result is shown below
EC25 is now connected to network.