Unable to communiate with BG96 attached to STM32L496 Discovery board

Unable to use any serial terminal to communicate, I downloaded a .bin file which allowed it to only search for NB1 network (goal of my project). This was successful and every time I press reset it tells me:

*** Utility to config Quectel BG96 modem (v0.2) ***
Start BG96 band configuration for LTE Cat.NB1 and GSM fallback (full bands)
done, BG96 bands reconfigured successfully.

However I have been unable to communicate any AT commands to the device. I am unable to type anything to int the terminal. I have tried Tera term, putty on windows and Serial on a Mac - so it is not related to my keyboard os specific computer. Any suggestions on why I would not be able to communicate?

Hi Jason

Since you are using the Open CPU version, the serial port does not respond to the AT instruction set.You can re-burn the standard firmware of the module.

You can try sending AT instructions using USB ports, or writing AT instructions to routines to execute.

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Thanks for the response, that seemed to work now I can send AT commands. A follow up question (not sure if I’ve worded the question correctly):
How would I program the BG96 module to receive information via SPI and send it to the cloud using the STM32 board?

Hi Jason

You have STM32 board, directly program STM32 program, send data to module by sending AT instruction, no need to use API.

Thanks again, appreciate your help! What AT instructions should I be sending? I am fairly new to AT commands.

Hi Jason
We have BG96 AT instruction set with routines in it.