UMTS&LTE-EVB-KIT with BG955-M3 chip will not connect to network after failled call

I am experimenting and testing out dev board by Quectel UMTS&LTE-EVB-KIT with BG95-M3 chip, I am using QNavigator_V1.6.9, I inserted Teledema SIM card. Everything was working fine, I was connecting to network, was able to send some SMS out, I tried GNSS feature, it was working also, then I tried making a call, inserted headphones into headphone jack, dialed the number and called, i received a call on other device, but no audio was audible on both devices, so I ended the call, tried to find some info how to get audio, tried to restart device and after that call, device just wouldn’t connect to GPRS network. I should probably add that i was using my laptop as power supply to power up dev board. After a week or so I tried connecting dev kit again on different laptop and this time it worked, it connected to network, everything seemed to work fine, but then again I tried to make a call, this time I didn’t received a call on a receiver device and after ending it on a dev kit, restarting it, I lost connection to network yet again, and this time I can’t seem to recover it.
Any ideas how to fix this issue?

Could you please send me the email? I will send relevant documents to you.